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Available May 11th @CHS CTE Building 8am-11am $25/athlete, all ages welcomed. See attached flyer.



In order to help pay for camp, we are holding a Pre-Sale Car Wash on May 18th 8 AM-NOON. 

Players need to sell 20 tickets @ $10 each – tickets distributed April 29th.

Ryan-Whyte Team, RMAX Realty

Ryan-Whyte Team, RMAX Realty

Parent Meeting Recap:

If you missed the parent meeting this week or want to review the details, attached is the link to the presentation Coach Garretson discussed:



Ryan-Whyte Team, RMAX Realty

Visit eTeamSponsor.com and use CID# 163359226 to join our CHS Football Campaign.  Use the emailed form to generate your list of 20 supporters you will reach out to with this campaign.  THIS FORM IS DUE TO COACH BOTTRILL by WEDNESDAY 4/17. 

A message from the Program

We at Chandler HS Football are conducting our 2019 Chandler HS Football Challenge to help generate financial support for our program. Our participants spend many long hours preparing to be the best they can be and are very deserving of your support. We appreciate any amount you can give and thank you in advance for your generous support!

Needs of the Chandler HS Football Program

Your donation will contribute towards expenses required for safety equipment, our end of year banquet and awards ceremony, pre-game meals and travel expenses.

With your help we can continue to advance and improve our football program!

Chandler HS Football Activities

This season we will participate in an intensive football training program including strength training in the weight room, offensive and defensive drill work and offensive and defensive concepts.

I am excited to see our hard work pay off!

When a donor is added they will receive a series of up to 4 emails inviting them to support the campaign. These are sent until they donate or unsubscribe over a period of 35 days. When they donate, a final thank you email and tax deductible receipt will be automatically be sent to them.


Instructions for your campaign

Just follow these 3 easy steps to complete your eTeamSponsor campaign task.

  1. Identify adults that would want to support our program and gather their email addresses:

    *Think of people furthest away from our community first… closer to our community second.

    • FAMILY: Parents, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts and Adult Relatives.
    • ADULT PROFESSIONALS: Your family Doctor(s), Dentist, Tax Professional, Accountant, Insurance Agent, your Parents’ Employers, etc.
  2. Take the potential donor emails from above and click “Add Donor.”

    *Accurately input numbers vs. letters when typing the email addresses into the field so they will receive your letter.

    Remember 20 quality emails is the GOAL!

    • If you have more than 20, keep going… there’s no limit to the number of donors.
    • Your donors will receive their letter the date your campaign launches or the morning after you add them if your campaign has already launched.
  3. Participants & Parents can share your campaign via:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Email
    • Text message

For customer service call eTeamSponsor:

(888) 842-8220 Ext. 102



This process is now all online and mandatory for ANY player, ALL LEVELS:

Visit www.registermyathlete.com to start the athletic clearance process. Brain-book available at www.aiaacademy.org/brainbook

Call the CHS Athletics office with any questions at 480-812-7734.


Register Athlete at www.registermyathlete.com

Brain-Book at www.aiaacademy.org/brainbook

550 Transfer Student Form at www.admin.aiaonline.org/public-forms/student-transfer

If you have questions please call the Atheletics Office at 480-812-7734

Check out the schedule and stats on MaxPreps :



The Chandler Football Speed/Skills Camp link is now active, so as promised, we’ve attached it to this email so you can sign up your player.

Chandler Football Speed/Skills Camp

TIME: 4:30P – 6:30P
COST: $60
AGES: 11-18yr


Register here:


Chandler Wolves Football Tax Donation Information – Get Full Credit for your donation!!!

The state of Arizona provides up to a $400 credit (if filing Married/jointly), $200 (if filing single/head of household), per calendar year when you make a contribution to Chandler Football!  This is money provided by the State of Arizona!   For example, if you contribute $400 to the Chandler Football Program you will get up to a $400 tax credit from the State of Arizona if you pay over $400 in state taxes – this is a dollar for dollar gift – you give $400 to Chandler Football – the state of Arizona gives you $400.

Chandler Football needs this money to remain competitive.  Chandler Football is NOT fully funded by the Chandler District – we need fundraising and the Arizona state Tax Credit to make up the shortfall. We utilize these funds for travel, busses for 7 on 7’s, Weight room equipment, practice equipment, Uniforms, Gear Bags, Helmet Painting, Senior Gifts, etc.

Contributions are donated directly to Chandler Football, not to the state and not even to the school district. Your donation will go directly to the Chandler Football program, immediately helping Chandler Football become more competitive.

Anyone that pays Arizona state income tax can make this contribution – that means grandparents, godparents, and friends of our players can contribute to the Chandler Football Program.

Please plan to contribute the maximum amount ($400 for married taxpayers, $200 if filing single) to Chandler Football.  Begin planning now – you can make a contribution in any amount and multiple times throughout the year.   Follow the directions below to contribute:

  • Go to https://az-chandler-lite.intouchreceipting.com/
  • Choose Chandler High School
  • Choose Football
  • Enter Student First and Last Name
  • Enter amount
  • Click buy
  • Click Check Out
  • Click Pay
  • Enter your personal information (Name, Address, Phone, Email)
  • Click Pay
  • Enter Credit Card Information
  • Click “I am not at Robot”
  • Click Pay
  • Print a receipt for your records


When you prepare your AZ state taxes – complete the “Credit for Contributions Made or Fees Paid to Public Schools” Form (Form 322 AZ tax forms) to receive your tax credit. Consult your tax advisor for more information.

Ryan-Whyte Team, RMAX Realty